Scot Finnie

Scot Finnie is an award-winning journalist, magazine editor, author and the Editor in Chief of Computerworld.

He also served on the editorial staffs of ZDNet, PC/Computing, FamilyPC, InformationWeek/TechWeb and Windows Magazine. He's written articles for numerous publications, including CFO, CNET, PC World, PC Magazine, MacWeek, Byte, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science and many others.

Finnie authored a book on Windows 95 (The Underground Guide to Windows 95, Addison-Wesley, 1996). In September 2006, he embarked on a three-month full-immersion test of Apple's Macintosh and surprised himself by not switching back to Microsoft Windows.

These days, most of Finnie's writing can be found listed on his Computerworld bio page, his personal blog and at his Twitter account, @ScotFinnie.